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01/08/09 05:20 PM #1    

Matt Winger

Welcome to the Madison High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/16/09 02:05 AM #2    

Christy Dorsey (None)

hey matt and all my class mate its good to see we are trying to meet up again for our 20th reunion i cant wait to see u all. this is christy dorsey still the same but much older. and lets have some fun and plase keep in touch

04/09/09 07:40 PM #3    

Tony Truax

Hey who and the hell was class treasure and what did he do with r money lol

04/20/09 03:27 PM #4    

Chris Bair

Tony! Haha..

Ok, I was glancing at the 15 year reunion photos and am a bit frightened. I recognized maybe 3 people. I think folks need to post up photos of themselves so that I dont spend the night going "Who are you? and am I really that drunk?"

04/23/09 08:32 AM #5    

Robbin Corbin (Baxter)

Hey this is Robbin Corbin-Baxter. I agree with Chris Bair. I also looked at the 15 yea pics and didn't recognize anyone. I am totally excited to see everyone after 20 years. Matt thanks for creating this website. It is awesome that I have already reconnected with several friends.

05/19/09 12:00 AM #6    

Madi Teitelbaum (Leluika)

Matt, this is an awesome site, thanks so much for setting it up! It's nice to see what everyone's up to!

05/30/09 01:07 PM #7    

Steven Sifread

This will be my first actual attempt to make one of these. Is it ok to buy a ticket at the event itself? I'm transitioning out of the military, (finished my 20 year stretch finally) and I'll only be in town for 5 days till I have to come back to California to move the family back to Ohio. If it's not an issue to buy a ticket the night of the event then I’m sure I’ll see you all there.

I agree with the photo OP thing as suggested. Giving folks a heads up what you look like after 20 long years might help break the ice a little haha.

06/01/09 11:34 PM #8    

Matt Winger

Hey guys, good posts going on here!
No worries, we will have name tags at the door.
Me, I look the same, just a lot sexier :-P
c u 3 wks!

06/04/09 08:52 AM #9    

Jim Long

How is it that Max Watson is a sponsor of the site, but is not coming to the reunion. I'm not coming unless Max is there. Oh, and about the pictures, Winger did a fine job of posting a picture of me. What a JACKASS!!

06/09/09 10:21 PM #10    

Todd Schnittke

And I don't want to see anyone wearing Cleveland "Clowns" jerseys this time,( Brian K., you got my back on this yes??)
Bengals are back!

06/11/09 04:37 PM #11    

Tony Truax

that kitty team is not from ohio its from ky GO BROWNS

06/21/09 06:51 PM #12    

Tony Truax

thank u every one i had a great time and u all look great

06/21/09 07:36 PM #13    

Robbin Corbin (Baxter)

Hey all you 89' grads! It was so incredible seeing everyone at the party!!! You all looked awesome to me... I definitely have to say that I am super stoked that I got a chance to get reaquainted with so many of you! It is truly something I will never forget! Matt... thanks so much for organizing the party and to Tia and Ben you truly ROCK!!! Wish I could have partied a little more with all of ya at shag-a-lees... to tell u the truth... I was a little afraid of Krystal Ryder... wtf!! just kidding... It was getting late... had to get home before my coach turned back into a pumkin!!! I say that because it seemed like something out of a fairy tale for me... I didn't want it to end! Until the next one... Party on!!!

Your friend(Lita)... Robbin!!!

07/02/09 01:27 PM #14    

Valeria Snow (Alamanteoff)

hey guys had a blast it was great seeing all of you.hope you all had fun at shags sorry didnt make it.once i got home had people at the house and couldnt leave maybe another time, before the 25. oh well everyone looked great. thanks for a good time.


07/29/09 03:06 PM #15    

Madi Teitelbaum (Leluika)

Just wanted to ask everyone to pray for Bob Hildebrand, he had an accident at work that caused head trauma, from what I was told he had to undergo an extensive surgery. I'm not sure what hospital he is in but he is somewhat alert now and has movement of his extremities.
I just spoke with him last week at the Rib Cook Off, you just never know when something could happen, please keep him and his family in your prayer!

06/04/10 09:12 AM #16    


Christie Ziegler (Grimes)

Hey there! Its hard to believe its been  years since our 20 yr reunion! I had an awesome time and was greating chatting with old friends!Hope you all are have a wonderful upcoming summer break!See you at the next reunion!

10/16/11 10:53 AM #17    


Christie Ziegler (Grimes)

I will be looking forward to next reunion!!

06/22/14 01:09 PM #18    


Christie Ziegler (Grimes)

Wonderful time at 25th reunion! Hard to recognize people after so glad we had some name tags! Everyone seemed to be having a great time and I am looking forward to next one!smiley

11/09/14 09:34 PM #19    

Max Martin (Martin)

Whats up long time no see. How is everyone doing?

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